Natasha Watson Clinical Herbalist
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Herbal Medicine for Black,

Indigenous, and People of

Colour (BIPOC)

All I have wanted to do is get out in the streets and protest; I want to scream! I have an infant at home and I can’t take to the streets in protest, or act as a street medic like many of my fellow herbalists are doing in the United States. What I do have to offer is my time. Herbs and health are my areas of expertise and I am going to offer as much as I can. For the foreseeable future I will be offering free virtual consultation for all members of BIPOC communities. My goal is to offer accessible health options. If I can manage a discount on the herbs I will offer it, and if the herbs are not an option for you financially I can offer lifestyle/diet/other recommendations that will be accessible. There is always something that can be done! We can work together to make a plan using simply the items that can be found in your home or local grocery store.

Compassionate Care

I understand that it is often difficult (or almost impossible) to access adequate and compassionate care. I will do whatever I can to help you reach your optimal health. My herbal protocols and recommendations are individualized and unique to each client. You deserve a healthy, strong, and balanced body. Together we can strive to achieve it! Herbs can also help heal a wounded spirit; they can help us to reach a feeling inner peace so we can weather our storms.


I want to help as much as possible, and I know that I am only an ally. I could never possibly understand what it’s like to be on the receiving end of systemic racism. If there is something else you think I can or should offer please reach out to me. If any wording or phrasing on this page is inappropriate or inadequate please tell me about it. I want to do this right, and I want to hear from you.


Initial consultation $0.00 Follow-up Appointments $0.00 Herbal remedies additional (we can discuss making this affordable if you decide that you want to work with herbs)